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Tulip T

hand painted on found cotton tee-shirt

Semi-Mend Pink Sweater

altered sweater with hand knit and woven patches

Medieval Lop-Sided Bow Skirt

Hand sewed and dyed cotton with cherries and blackberries

zpurple w sweater 1.JPG
zpurple fit.JPG
zpit patch 2.JPG
zpit patches.JPG
zpurple skirt close up.JPG

Tri-Tie Wrap Skirt

repurposed fabrics and buttons

Knit Sleeve Hop Top

hand knit sleeves, coton fabric including hand bleached and hand dyed with onion skins

fan +bounce.JPG
fan +Bounce back shot .JPG
fan skirt close up.JPG

River Cinch Dress

cotton and jersey fabrics, some hand bleached

river dress 2.JPG
river dress 1.JPG
river dress close up.JPG
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