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EPC- Every Perfect Concert

A collaborative project between Blythe Feeney, Maddie Putnam and Jasmine Zhang

As part of "Lot of Performances", a diy performance and art making event held in an abandoned lot in Oakland, CA, organized by Maddie Putnam, March 26, 2023

Performance was composed of a durational section in which Blythe made fresh squeezed orange juice from oranges sourced from my California front yard orange tree, served to visitors in hand made cups by Maddie. Jasmine made soft boiled eggs boiled for 4 minutes and 33 seconds in reference to artist John Cage, and Maddie made sandwiches for visitors. We amplified the sounds of the cooking, then performed a "pop song" titled "Every Perfect Concert".


Stage set up for cooking and sound performance.

Visitor slurping a 4'33" egg into the microphone.

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