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Snake Collection
Winter 2022
Photos by Jasmine Zhang

jasmine 5.JPG
snake 6.JPG
add 1IMG_5325.JPG

Hand knit and tulle ruffled/ jersey dress

Hand knit + crochet bubblegum gloves

Candy Cane knit umbrella

and cozy crochet sock

jasmine 4.JPG
snake 10.JPG

Jellie Hoodie hand dyed with knit patches

Hand sewn knit pants

chunky hand knit and crochet glove

snake 7.JPG
snake 8.JPG
snake 11.JPG

Intarsia Knit Skull Dress

Snot Stained Teddy Bear ballet dancer

Quilted bonnet

button lips

snake 9.JPG
add 3IMG_5460.JPG

Intarsia knit Tulip Sweater with hand crochet sleeves

hand sewn knit pant

snake 4.JPG
snake 3.JPG

Sexy Skull Dress

Hand knit Licorice Hood

Hand Beaded Lady Bug Belt

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